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HPE StorageWorks Enterprise File Services DL380G5-SL Initial Cluster NAS server

    • Outstanding scalability
      While some NAS appliances have a fixed throughput, the HP StorageWorks Enterprise File Services Clustered Gateway allows you to add incremental throughput capacity in a linear fashion by adding additional nodes. Get exactly the amount of throughput capacity and performance that you need when needed.
    • High availability
      A fully symmetrical file system means that all nodes have the same view of the file system. If a node is removed from the cluster for maintenance or fails, the failover to another node happens in as little as 5 seconds - faster than other cluster products.
    • Lower initial cost
      Built on industry standard components means a lower initial cost and adding additional capacity and performance can be done quickly, simply and at a lower cost. There is no need to purchase an expensive proprietary appliance in anticipation of future needs.
    • Consolidation
      Consolidating data into a cluster reduces administration costs - manages a single cluster not individual servers or multiple NAS devices.
    • Reduced backup costs
      With symmetrical file system architecture all nodes have access to the same file system. By designating one or more node as the backup node(s), the entire file system can be backed up from this node(s). Backup licenses can be purchased only for those nodes actively being used for backup.
    • Initial cluster configuration
      The initial cluster configuration represents HP's best practices for hardware, software and support. The configuration consists of two cluster nodes and installation and start up service. The recommended rack, SAN switch, Ethernet switch and cables can be ordered at the same and the system will be fully racked at the factory for even quicker startup. The installation and startup service includes setup and on-site customer training on typical administrative tasks.
    • Growth or Scalability: Scale from 2 to 16 nodes and achieve a linear increase in file serving throughput performance and client support. Purchase the file serving throughput that you need today with the ability to easily add performance and throughput as your business needs grow.
    • High Availability: With a fully symmetrical cluster architecture, cluster integrity can be maintained in the event of a single or multiple node failure. Failover from one node to another happens quickly and the client is unaware that a failure has occurred as file serving is failed over to all remaining nodes. There is no single point of failure
    • Performance: Each DL380 G5 based node provides approximately 170MB/second sequential write performance. The architecture is optimized for both read and write performance.
    • Data Integrity: Cache coherency and data integrity is maintained in the event of a single or multiple node failure. Clients are failed over transparently and uniformly distributed across the cluster to ensure optimal load balancing and uninterrupted file serving.
    • Maintainability: When you want to upgrade hardware, software or firmware, you have the ability to temporarily remove a node from the cluster. Cluster integrity is maintained as file serving requests are failed over to the remaining nodes. After the upgrade is completed simply re-insert the node back into the cluster.
    • Industry standard: The HP ProLiant DL server is the world's best selling server with enterprise class uptime and management features. Both Linux and Windows are supported.
    • Lowest cost: Rather than purchasing a file serving solution based upon anticipated needs, purchase additional nodes when your file serving needs grow. By building the solution on HP ProLiant servers and an industry standard OS (either Linux or Windows) you can ensure a low initial cost and lower total cost of ownership overall.
    • Ease of management: Manage a single cluster rather than individual servers. The cluster can be monitored from any node or from any system running Windows or Linux. In addition to cluster management, storage management and fabric management can also be done from the cluster console.
    • Storage Virtualization across heterogeneous Arrays: Provides configurable striping to meet workload and performance demands. Online volume growth and aggregation across multiple arrays allows full use of storage infrastructure.
    • Support: Installation and startup services ensure that the hardware and software are quickly integrated into the environment. Software support, including OS support is provided for one year and can be renewed. Upgraded hardware support is provided for 1 year 24 x 7.
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