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HPE StorageWorks XP Disk/Cache Partition licence - 1TB capacity - Licence Qty: 1TB capacity

    • Enhance the success of storage consolidation efforts
      This creates partitions that are independently configured and managed. This partitioning model provides increased security for user data and HP StorageWorks XP Disk Array resources, and limits the scope of administrator errors to a single partition.
    • Allocate resources to make sure critical applications have the performance they need
      This divides your HP StorageWorks XP Disk Array into multiple sub-arrays, or partitions, with each partition having its own host ports, disk array groups and cache. You can assign partitions to critical applications and size them to maintain required performance.
    • Isolate applications from each other
      This prevents applications from affecting each other by assigning them to different partitions. Applications in one partition cannot affect the resources available to applications in other partitions. For example, a cache-heavy application in one partition cannot affect the cache performance of applications in other partitions.
    • Adjust resources as storage needs change
      You can reassign resources from one partition to another while the HP StorageWorks XP Disk Array is operating.
    • Consolidation of storage needs for branch offices or separate departments onto an XP12000: Allocate XP12000 resources to keep branch offices or smaller departments separate and distinct
    • Load balancing: Partitions can be assigned to particular applications who must guarantee certain levels of performance. It limits the cache resources available to any single host port or partition, so one application does not hog all the resources
    • Flexibility to accommodate changes: Resources can be moved and partitions can be deleted as conditions change
    • Greater security than a non-partitioned array: Prevents one partition administrator from affecting the other partitions
    • Storage tiering: Control application usage of high-performance disks as well as slower low-cost disks by placing them in separate partitions
    • Partitions can co-exist with non-partitioned storage: Flexibility to change to meet user needs
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