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APC​ are the leaders and main providers of UPS, having battery backup solutions for any IT environment by UPS and surge suppressors to the best quality, APc have always been winning the market. UPS can be used to power up a single computer at a vast server. Choose APC by Schneider Electric products that will assist you in any critical situation and help you save much more than what you will spend for. UPS Upgrade is another scheme run by APC, which lets you upgrade/replace your old UPS in-warranty or out-of-warranty. Surge suppressors by APC ensures the safety of your most expensive devices, this item can not be missed. Speak to our APC by Schneider Electric export to discuss your requirements for buying a new or upgrade your old UPS.

Now you can choose from a range of Stand Alone UPS by APC to benefit from and secure your school, business or organisation.

Looking for a mountable UPS, check out the products below or call us to speak to our APC expert regarding your requirements.

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Now you don’t need to worry about your electrical and important devices because APC Surge & PDUs is the answer to all your safety.

Buy an UPS battery from APC by Schneider Electric today to power up your IT system. This can save you from disasters that can happen anytime.

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