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Shuttle is a worldwide company, they are great at producing security systems such as face recognition solution to enhance security measurements for companies and portable mini PCs such as fanless Media Player which is 4K in-fact. Shuttle is also featuring education kits for schools, colleges and universities as well as Smart Home Solution. The first ever Cloud based Home Care Software was introduced by Shuttle for Home Care Agencies.

As a Shuttle Certified Reseller, Ballicom can offer great prices on all Shuttle products. We are featuring Shuttle's all-in-one touch screen solutions for business and personal use. Additionally mini PCs for great 4K video output for entertainment, face recognition solution for organisations and companies along with high performance mini-servers on our website. Check out various categories below to find the right product you looking for. Alternatively you can get in touch with us via the customer service number above or contact us via email, so we can help you get the most reasonable prices to meet your target.